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NFT Exhibition Challenge BY JUMY


Welcome friends, followers, and NFT Artists.

Are you ready for the chance to be part of something very special? 


Jumy will be participating at #NoFilterDXB taking place November 24th-27th. We are searching for 4 super talented NFT Artists to be part of our exhibition and showcase their amazing work to the wider Dubai NFT community.


So feel free to enter your details below and be part of the Jumy NFT Exhibition Challenge.

How to participate?

Fill out the form below to have the chance to exhibit your artwork in the Jumy NFT gallery!

Upload a sample
Application received 🤞

Judging decisions

The team here at Jumy will be furiously debating, banging our heads together, and using all the skills possible to select 4 winners. Each winner will be contacted privately by a member of the Jumy team.



Saturday 20th November 2021 - 8pm GST


H 900px - W 800px (vertical orientation)


You are the original creator of the artwork

The artwork cannot already be minted or sold on any other NFT platform