What is an NFT?

An NFT is a blockchain-based proof of ownership. With NFTs, anything digital can be "tokenised" to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold.

NFTs can be art, videos, music, gifs, sport cards, memes and more.

The first NFT
in the Middle East

Jumy teams up with top artists, celebrities, athletes and creators to make collections of limited editions, high quality NFT, exclusively available on the platform.

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What NFTs you can buy and sell?

You’re a dope creator?

Jumy is still in beta access, onboarding only a small number of hand-picked artists, influencers and athletes. Use the form on the side to get on our radar for our full launch coming soon 🔥

🌈   Art  

Coming soon

📸   Photography  

Coming soon

🎵   Music  

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🤡  Memes  

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⚽️   Sport cards  

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⭐️  Influencers  

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How to buy an NFT?

1. Fiat currency in AED [card payment]

2. Crypto currency in ETH [wallet payment]

How to create an NFT?

Introducing Jumydrops™

Jumydrops™ are exclusive NFT collections direclty sold by verified creators, and meticulously selected by our team.
The collections will be opened at a specific time and will only be available for a limited time.

After the initial drop for a collection closes or sells out, you will only be able to get NFT from this collection in the marketplace.

Eduardo Corlea


 Cathartic realm

Monday drop
April 21st
8:30 PM (GST)

Muhammad Al Faya


Mesmerizing tale

Tuesday drop

April 22nd

12:00 PM (GST)

Arjun Singh


Morning glitch

Wednesday drop

April 23rd

10:30 AM (GST)

5. Define conditions of the sale
[run an auction or sell at a fixed price]

4. Choose collection

[ERC-721 or JUMY]

1. Connect your Metamask wallet

2. Upload your digital asset

3. Add name, description, price etc.

6. Program royalties

[ex: 10% of secondary sales]


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The first NFT marketplace in the Middle East.

Discover, buy and sell rare and unique NFTs.